How to Use Custom T-Shirts for Fundraising

Organizing a race, having a bake sale, or even hosting a dinner event are all great fundraising ideas to help you support a cause or charity organization that you believe in. These events allow people to come together and make a difference for many causes like Breast Cancer Awareness, Animal Rights and Autism Speaks. Besides the attendees' entries and the money they choose to donate, another great way to raise funds is by selling custom t-shirts!

Customized T-shirts that raise awareness about these causes are a low-cost way to collect donations while also allowing them to show support. They help people feel involved and connect with the story behind your cause. Additionally, custom t-shirts are a great way to increase the visibility of your cause and reach a larger audience of people, especially those who weren't present at your event. Here is how to make custom t-shirts for fundraising with Artrageous Apparel.

How to Create Custom T-Shirts for Fundraising

Contrary to common belief, you don't need to be a designer or styling expert to create custom t-shirts. We'll show you just how easy it is for anybody to develop a beautiful design that catches attention and draws people in. The best part about customizing your own design for fundraising is that it brings a personal touch to the design, allowing people to connect to it on a deeper level.

What You Need

Always start with a basic idea of what you want the fundraising event to be. After all, a custom t-shirt for a fundraising race wouldn't fit in too well at a speaker session or a formal event. So always start with a basic theme and the kind of event you will be hosting, then get to work on creating your design.

Create Your Design

The best part about creating your custom t-shirt with Artrageous Apparel is that you don't need fancy software or expensive tools to do it. Simply talk to our designers about the look you have in mind, go over a few samples and reference designs, and we'll get to work on creating your perfect look. Our team will even edit the design as many times as needed to ensure you are fully satisfied with the final result!

Promote on Social Media

Once you have your design ready, we'll get to work on printing your custom t-shirts exactly how you want them; be it through DTG printing or screen printing! When the shirts are ready, you can upload stunning pictures on social media as a part of your marketing efforts and offer a purchase option on your website to direct sales. The costs of these shirts are minimal, so you will raise quite a significant amount to donate to your favorite charity!