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Just five easy steps

  • Set up meeting
  • Choose your markup
  • Direct your organization to the webstore during the allotted dates
  • Hand out the orders
  • Collect the royalties

All orders
come individually polybagged

no more sorting through apparel

Get your free online store

ArtRageous Apparel is here to help you generate school spirit, support your cause, and show your pride. By helping you raise money for your organization without the hassle of tallying order forms, collecting money, and sorting through apparel, we can accommodate you!

Arrange a meeting discussing what you want this website to do for you and what you are looking for.

Our team will then work with you to choose items for your store and determine what upcharge will best meet your fundraising needs. We don't just give you a percentage of the sales back, we let you choose the mark up.

Once the designs and pricing are finalized, you will receive a group-specific weblink where teachers, parents, and students can go online and place their orders.

Stores are typically kept open for a 2-week period. Once the webstore closes, we bulk process everything together, individually bag each order and have ready for you to distribute. You can also opt to have orders ship to the individual homes for an additional charge. Orders are typically shipped within 2 weeks of the store closing.

Then, sit back and collect the royalties! Fundraising checks are ready after the fulfillment date.

Email us to create your store