How to Make the Best Use of Color When Printing Custom T-Shirts

When it comes to printing custom t-shirts, color is an important factor. The colors you use can make the shirts more attractive, more practical and it can optimize them for selling your product or service. Here are some color related considerations you should be making next time you print.


Brand Colors

If you are printing t-shirts for your business, you will want to incorporate brand colors. If you are an established business, it’s likely you already have your colors picked out.


If you are just starting out, your company colors will be an important matter. You will need to find the colors that are best suited to your brand image.


Once you know the colors you want to use, you should incorporate them into all your branding materials and that includes custom t-shirts.


So if your brand colors are blue and white, you may want to come up with a blue and white design that can be placed on any color t-shirt. Alternately, you can order white t-shirts and have your logo printed on them in blue or vice versa.


Make Sure Colors Match

In some instances, you may have a specific design you want to put on a t-shirt. It’s important to use a t-shirt color that matches the design.


For example, a predominantly green design may look great on a black or white shirt. If you want to go outside the box, you can put it on a yellow shirt.


But you’ll want to stay away from putting a green design on a red shirt…unless you are designing the shirt specifically for the Christmas season.


Use Shirt Colors People Will Want to Wear

There are some people that are flashy dressers. But most like to be conservative and stick to colors like black and white. You will want to cater to common tastes by making shirts available in black, whites and other neutrals.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making a few in stand out colors like red and purple, as long as they are suited to your needs. There may be a few people that prefer these colors and will choose them above their ‘safer’ counterparts.


But you will always want to include options that cater to people who want to stay on the conservative side in terms of how they dress.


When it comes to designing t-shirts, colors can make all the difference in the message the item sends and how well it will sell. Pay attention to how the product works to express your brand, how it matches the design and whether it’s a color people like to wear. If you keep these factors in mind, your t-shirts will do their job in getting the word out about your brand and/or bringing in extra income.