5 Instances in Which You Should Use Direct-to-Garment Printing Services

Direct-to-garment printing has taken the printing business by the storm, offering a new and improved means of customizing clothes and even shoes! It is allowing businesses to create stunning designs with the utmost attention to detail and popping imagery that instantly draws customers in. However, brands are still a little hesitant to opt for direct-to-garment printing as the cost is slightly higher than screen-printing, once you order larger quantities.

To help you make the right printing choice for your business, we have summarized all the instances when to use direct-to-garment printing below. Let's take a look.

When to Use Direct-to-Garment Printing

Here are some instances in which using direct-to-garment printing can prove to be advantageous for your business.

1.    To Have Smaller Orders or Varying Sizes

Direct-to-garment has no setup fees so you can keep costs low when you order smaller quantities. The technology is so amazing you can even order 1! This allows you to create a sample for your business and then place a larger order once you get opinions.

With these small orders, many companies have varying sized people. Direct-to-Garment allows the print to be sized to each garment. So, if you have an employee that is having a baby you can get a onesie done all the way up to a 5XL and each image will be proportionate.

2.    To Capitalize on Attention-Grabbing Products

DTG gives you the ability to create incredibly unique and eye-catching designs that are sure to bring in more customers. Using fine lines, detailed customization, and printing at 1200 DPI, the images appear highly vivid and realistic. Moreover, the superb quality of the print speaks for itself, allowing endless possibilities for clever customization as per your customer's demands.

3.    To Utilize the Latest Technology for Your Products

DTG is the newest technology on the block. It is more efficient and effective in printing customized products of high quality and intricate detailing. When you get your clothes DTG printed from ArtRageous; you can rest assure that top-notch equipment is used to create fabulous designs and styles that make your products stand out among all others.

4.    To Offer Durable Designs to Your Customers

If your company supports sustainability through eco-friendly and durable products, then DTG printing is the perfect choice for you.

Traditionally, solvent inks and plastisols were used for fabric printing - both of which contain toxic PVC. In contrast, DTG uses eco-friendly inks that are water-soluble and meet the international safety standards for printing.

Furthermore, you can think of DTG as tattooing a piece of cloth. Since the DTG ink colors your cloth's fibers, it creates a soft and comfortable look that lasts for years. There have been no reported instances of the print fading or peeling after DTG

5.    To Expand Your Product Offerings

Adding direct-to-garment printing (or DTG) to your printing arsenal is the perfect way to expand your product offering. It allows brands to be more inclusive and cater to a larger variety of people. This not only improves your business venture and guarantee more sales but also marks your company as an inclusive brand.

Although custom tees are the most popular when it comes to DTG, you can do so much more with this form of printing. It allows you to customize an array of products, including sweatshirts, aprons, and even shoes and hats. Getting your products printed through DTG from ArtRageous is an excellent way to make your company stand out.

Final Words

There you have it, all the times when to use direct-to-garment printing. When you hire ArtRageous to handle the responsibility of your fabric printing, you enjoy a high-quality print with fine detailing and vivid contrasts. The best part is that we achieve all this with no compromise on the quality of the fabric, so your customers will love how soft and comfy their newly printed sweatshirts are!