T-Shirt Designs That Will Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom t-shirts are a great way to get the word out about your company. You can sell or give away shirts to your customers, so they wear them around town. This will get your business maximum visibility and it will remind people of your goods and services every time they wear them.

But let’s face it. If your t-shirt doesn’t look great, it’s probably going to end up in a closet gathering dust. And that won’t do anybody any good.

This article will provide tips for getting a great t-shirt design that will get your brand noticed.

Start with the Right Fit

It’s essential that your t-shirts fit well. You want them to be true to size and you want to offer a variety of sizes to customers ranging from XS to XXXL. This will ensure that everyone can find one they feel comfortable and look great in.

Keep the Design Simple

You want your t-shirts to sell your brand. While a standout design is great, avoid anything too busy. If your design has a lot going on, it will distract from the logo and other elements that advertise what you’re about.

Make it Stylish

Style is important as well. This comes through in the design you are using and the cut of the tee. For example, vintage is very in right now, so if you use a vintage design, people may want to wear your shirts even more. When it comes to style, consider integrating various cuts including baby doll tees, button fronts and more.

Think About the Color Scheme

Color will factor heavily in your design. Your logo may be pre-designed with colors that best represent your brand. Make sure you are putting the logo on a shirt the features a color that complements it well. Consider offering a variety of colors to give people more options.

A Good Fabric Goes a Long Way

Who doesn’t love wearing a nice comfortable fabric against their skin? The fabric of your shirts should be soft and high quality, so they don’t shrink when they’re washed.

A Vibrant Design

The design you use should have a nice rich color that doesn’t fade after a turn in the washing machine and dryer.

Consider Borders and Edges

When it comes to borders and edges, you can go with a design that has a definite or indefinite border, or you can go for a free-flowing look. Free flowing is a more in line with today’s fashions.  

Where Will the Design Be Placed?

The design can be placed anywhere on the shirt including the front, back, front pocket, sleeve, top of the back and more. Any of these are fine, but the idea is to go for balance. For example, if you have a small logo on the sleeve or front pocket of the shirt, complement it with a larger design on the back.

A t-shirt is a great way to market your business. If your tee has a great design, it will be a favorite with customers making more people want one in their wardrobe. Which design elements do you integrate to make your merchandise stand out?