The Pros and Cons of Screen Printing

The screen printing process is a popular garment and apparel printing process used in the textile industry. The process mainly relies on using a stencil to create the design that you want to print on the garment.

An expert screen printer hardens the stencil in areas where the design isn’t needed and then places it on top of a mesh screen with the fabric underneath it. Ink is then added to the top, and a squeegee is used to pull the ink across the screen. This pushes the ink through the stencil and prints on the fabric underneath.

While the screen printing process sounds complex, it is one of the easiest ways to print on apparel!

Here are some pros and cons of screen printing that will help you decide whether it's the proper process for your garments:


1. Versatile Process

Screen printing is the most versatile of all printing methods. It is not just suitable for garments, but you can also do it on flat, fabric, wood, plastic, and even metal surfaces. If you want to print a simple design such as a single logo or text, screen printing is the method you should choose. Mainly speaking, screen printing is the best printing process for solid color artwork, making it ideal for printing logos, company names, or even graphics.

2. Long-Lasting and Durable Results

The inks used in the screen printing process are usually very thick. As a result, the designs created with this method can withstand stress and tension. The print's high quality stays intact for a long time. Screen-printed designs are also much more durable than heat-pressed designs. This is because the material absorbs the thick layers of ink, resulting in improved durability.

3. Flexible in Terms of Print Material

Screen printing is truly incomparable when it comes to flexibility. You can print on almost anything as long as it has a flat surface. The design you create is not just limited to t-shirts. You can also print it onto caps, gloves, socks, and so much more! Screen printing is also very flexible when it comes to the shape of the product. The process simplifies prints that are meant for more obscurely shaped items.

4. Cost-Effective for Bulk Orders

The more garments are placed in an order, the cheaper the screen printing cost per unit will be. One of the best things about screen printing is that the more orders you place, the lower cost you will have to bear. Screen printing usually only needs to be set up once to prepare your designs and get started! It is the perfect option for a high volume of similar products as it won’t increase your costs, unlike other methods such as digital printing.


1. More Colors = More Money

We do not recommend screen printing for artwork that contains a lot of colors. The technique of screen printing allows you to apply only one color at a time. Hence, the number of colors that be printed on a garment is limited. If you want more colors via screen printing, keep in mind that each color will demand more time, screens, and stencils, costing you more.

2. Not Environment-Friendly

Even though screen printing is a super reliable process that gives high-quality results, it is pretty sad that it is not environment-friendly. The process wastes a lot because manufacturers use water to create ink mixtures and clean screens. Manufacturers that print thousands of garments in a day spend gallons of water, leading to water wastage. However, experts are currently making efforts to create environment-friendly inks and screens.

3. Time-Consuming

Lastly, even though screen printing is a simple process, it can get pretty complex depending on the design and size of the project. This is because it involves more steps than other printing methods. The time required for setting up the equipment and cleaning up afterward can be quite a lot.

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As we can see from the list of pros and cons of screen printing, the pros outweigh the cons. Whether you want to print t-shirts for an autism awareness campaign or a football match between two departments at your organization, screen printing is your best bet.

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