Seven Types of T-Shirt Designs are Currently Trending

A t-shirt is a terrific marketing tool. When people wear a t-shirt with your brand logo on it, it gets your company name out to anyone who sees it. But the catch is, you’ll need to create a t-shirt that people will want to buy and wear.


Creating a t-shirt with a trendy design will make it more appealing to the masses. It will make people want to buy it and wear it as a fashion statement. It will be beneficial to both your company and your customer.


So what t-shirt designs are currently trending? Here are a few that are the ultimate in style.


NFT-Inspired Designs

NFT’s are huge these days. People enjoy wearing designs that have a distinct digital graphic look and a theme that’s funny, unique and even slightly controversial. Integrating terms, jokes and cartoons will work well with this trend.



Japanese anime styling is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. The combination of animation and a modern yet classic Japanese aesthetic makes for a standout look. It works well for all age groups and appeals to a variety of tastes.


Retro of Vintage

A retro or vintage tee will have a design that includes anything from vintage shop sign lettering to a nod to the 70’s disco era. Designs are muted yet colorful. To capitalize on this, you can even have the image be somewhat faded to look as if the t-shirt has been worn for years. However, it’s important that the text is still readable.



This year, it’s all about dopamine dressing. People are looking for bright colors that take them back to their youth. It’s also a great way to represent pride, another current trend. It can be combined with overlapping scenes, kidcore, glowwave and more.


Nature Inspired

The eco-friendly movement is more than a trend. It has fast become a way of life. If you want your shirts to never go out of style, design one that includes natural elements such as plants, mountains, and trees. This will work particularly well if your brand aligns with this theme. Even better if your shirts are made from a sustainable material.



You can take minimalist looks in several directions. You can keep the design minimal with clean lines and dots of color. Or you can limit your design elements to just a few on the shirt. Either strategy will result in a minimalist aesthetic which is becoming more popular as time goes by.


Puns and Memes

If you can think of a clever way to represent your brand through a pun or meme, you will have created a t-shirt that people will be talking about due to its humor value.


No matter what type of trend you decide to use to make your t-shirt design stand out, Artrageous Apparel will make it happen. Contact us to find out how you can create a look that will get worn and noticed.