How Customized Clothing Can Help Your Brand Grow

The world of business is very competitive. Merch is a great way to advertise and help your brand stand out.

Merch can come in many forms. You can offer key chains, water bottles, clothing and other items with your brand name and logo on it to customers that use your products and services. These items can be given out for free for promotional purposes or you can sell them to generate income.

Although there are many types of merch that can be sold or distributed, clothing may be the most effective. Everyone needs clothing so you will be making a product that’s likely to be used. And when someone wears this clothing, it will be visible to anyone who sees it spreading the word about your business.

Read on for other tips on how customized clothing can help your brand grow.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from Customized Clothing?

Any business can make up t-shirts and other clothing items that feature their company name and logo, but let’s face it, if you work in an industry like insurance or construction, you may be better off handing out branded pens and keychains.

On the other hand, there are tons of businesses who will benefit from this type of marketing including the following:

  • Venues
  • Clubs
  • Bands
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Candy and Beverage Companies
  • Record stores

If your brand has a fun or artistic theme, customized clothing is a great way to market your business.

Tips for Getting Your Clothing to Sell

If you have decided to make branded clothing available to your customers, you want to design items that are likely to sell and get worn. Here are steps you can take to ensure your items don’t end up sitting in the closet.

Make a wide variety of items, but not too wide as to overwhelm: While t-shirts are an item people are always likely to wear, you can go out of the box by making hoodies, baby onesies and masks with your logo. You never know what people will be interested in buying and the more you have to offer, the better.

Start with Quality Items: You can have a great design, but if you print on low quality because it’s cheaper to you, people won’t be as likely to buy it. And if they do buy it, it may fall apart or the print may fade quickly.

Make it Attractive: Eye catching prints on attractive clothing items that fit well will be more likely to be purchased and worn.

How to Do It

There are several companies that offer custom design services. In some instances, you will have to buy the clothing yourself and take them to another company to get them printed. In other cases like ArtRageous, the company takes care of everything including the clothing and the design.

ArtRageous provides high quality clothing items and applies prints via screen printing, DTG printing, heat transfers and embroidery. We take care of everything and you end up with great looking items you can give away or sell. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level with customized clothing, call us to get the merch you need to move your business forward.